Company Profile of Saint Lucia Consulting

Saint Lucia Consulting is one of the largest and most well-established medical consulting and medical referral companies for patients seeking the best medical care in the world. Saint Lucia is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Boston, Houston, New York City, Rochester Minnesota, Gold Coast Australia, London and Tokyo.

Saint Lucia Consulting’s core clientele consist of patients with serious diseases, such as cancer, cardiac diseases, neurological diseases, orthopaedic diseases, liver diseases and paediatric diseases. Saint Lucia’s position is to only recommend evidence-based treatments from reputable healthcare providers.

Saint Lucia's objective is to provide a comprehensive service package that starts from the moment a patient decides to travel overseas for medical treatments, until the moment they come back to their country of residence after completion of treatment. Over the past decade, Saint Lucia’s team of experts has provided corporate executives, high net-worth individuals, and their families with highly personalized services, which include:

- Consulting services

- International medical referral

- Online second opinion services

- Medical document summary and translation services

- Visa services

- Travel, accommodation and transportation services

- In-hospital patient concierge and consulting services

Our investors include some of the largest venture capitalist firms in the world:

● Sequoia Capital

● Prometheus Capital


● Tencent Capital

Saint Lucia’s global partners include some of the best and most prestigious hospitals in United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Mainland China and China Hongkong. These include but are not limited to:

◾ Mayo Clinic

◾ Cleveland Clinic

◾ Johns Hopkins Hospital

◾ New York-Presbyterian Hospital

◾ Massachusetts General Hospital

◾ Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

◾ MD Anderson Cancer Center

◾ Brigham and Women's Hospital

◾ Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

◾ Hospital for Special Surgery 

◾ Boston Children’s Hospital

◾ City of Hope National Medical Center

◾ The University of Chicago Medical Center

◾ Royal Marsden

◾ Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

◾ Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research Hospital, Japan

◾ Parkway Hospital Singapore

◾ HKSH Medical Group Limited

Saint Lucia's staff consists of more than 100 full-time members, including a dedicated team of highly trained medical advisors, professional medical translators, visa counsellors, and concierge service experts to assist our clients. Furthermore, Saint Lucia has several large and professional customer service teams located in Boston, Houston, New York, Rochester Minnesota, Cleveland, London and Tokyo. These teams provide our clients with concierge services, such as translation, chauffeuring and in-hospital patient consulting and facilitation services.

Saint Lucia's mission is to overcome the geographical and language barriers that inhibit patients from receiving world-class medical care. By cooperating with top hospitals and medical specialists all over the world, Saint Lucia provides our clients with an easy access, one-stop solution to the world’s best healthcare providers. Whether our clients are considering a second opinion or seeking medical treatments abroad, Saint Lucia’s multidisciplinary team is available to assist them with evaluating their options, selecting medical specialists, making appointments with top hospitals around the world, applying for visas, translating medical records, and offering concierge services. Furthermore, Saint Lucia adopts the most stringent client information privacy and security policies, which comply with all the relevant regulations. This ensures that Saint Lucia is fully trustworthy in delivering unparalleled level of professional services to its clients.

Overall, Saint Lucia’s ultimate goal is to save lives. Like the patron saint of sight, Saint Lucia seeks to give light to patients in despair, and provide hope, love and care.

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